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Highstreet, Southwick, Hampshire, PO17 6EB
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Sonny's Seasoning

Providing professional grade seasoning mixes for the home and commercial kitchen.


A range of bespoke handmade seasonings created by myself (Sonny
Goldring), Head chef at the renowned Golden Lion in Southwick
village just outside Portsmouth.
My range of seasonings where created at first to enable me to create
dishes with intensity, flavour and depth all  must be natural, gluten free,
artificial ingredient free and synthetic free.
As a result, my seasoning range is vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

There are no artificial flavourings, colourings stabilizers, additives, E numbers or enhancers the ingredients are 100% natural.

Steak seasoning pic
Sunday seasoning

we use the seasonings in the Golden Lion restaurant. They provide a multitude
of options with a level of consistency that benefits the commercial
kitchen when teaching, menu planning and creating dishes.
Our ingredients are some of the best available, I source
directly and also grow some of my own.
Our seasonings offer a much higher standard of product than
that of any high street or supermarket product available. The highest
quality ingredients, small batch production and 20 years’ experience
in the catering industry ensure a top quality final product. Our
seasonings have been developed and tested by professionals for
professionals giving the perfect balance of flavour and consistency
needed in today’s commercial kitchens.

All the seasonings are produced by chef, on site at The Golden Lion

All natural produce, no additives, nothing artificial created by hand using premium ingredients. All vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.


Sunday Roast Seasoning

For consistency and ease of use.
When cooking a roast dinner this seasoning does it all. Hard herbs
from my own garden combine with a hint of onion and garlic to give
the perfect rub for roast meats, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings
and even veg, with a level of consistency that is easily manageable.
One seasoning for all your Sunday roast needs.

Vegetable Seasoning

 For all types of vegetables. Dried roasted tomatoes and
herbs make this seasoning essential in my kitchen, I make a great
vegetable butter from this and melt it onto steamed vegetables
before serving for an amazing flavour. Great in pasta, risotto,
bakes or just on steamed vegetables. Great as a table condiment as well.


Special Steak Seasoning

This flagship seasoning,
best used for all meats from bbq to chargrill, pan fry or grill. My
smoked paprika comes directly from Spain combined with smoked
Maldon sea salt flakes this seasoning can add depth and intense
flavour to any meat product. Especially excellent with beef steaks,
venison, pulled pork and bbq meats.

Fish Seasoning

To bring out the natural flavours of all
types of seafood using the most classic of ingredients. I dry
lemon rind, rub fennel and crush coriander for this
aromatic seasoning. Great for any fish I use this for battered cod,
seabass, king prawns and tuna to give it a real depth of flavour.
Great with samphire, asparagus and vegetables as well.


Chicken And Poultry Seasoning

To give depth and colour to poultry,
game and roast birds. This seasoning combines Spanish
oregano and cayenne pepper to create a deep and colourful flavouring.
Especially good with chicken this adds much needed colour as well as
flavour, game birds such as pheasant and pigeon and roasting birds of all types.