The Forest of Bere dairy overlooks the picturesque village of Southwick where the rich meadows have been
grazed for centuries. The dairy collects fresh milk daily from the surrounding farms turning it straight into fresh
dairy products. The ice cream is produced in the traditional way with fresh whole milk, cream and local eggs giving it a distinctive rich and creamy texture.

    • Ice Creams

    • Blackcurrant Sorbet

      2.00 per scoop

      Sharp and sweet the perfect end to a meal, made using local berries

    • Butterscotch

      2.00 per scoop

      Rich butterscotch ice cream filled with crunchy butterscotch pieces.

    • Chocolate

      2.00 per scoop

      Rich and smooth Belgian chocolate ice cream.

    • Clotted Cream

      2.00 per scoop

      Made using homemade clotted cream this is a wonder full rich dairy ice cream.

    • Honey and Ginger

      2.00per scoop

      Sweet honey and stem ginger combine to create this smooth and classy alternative ice cream

    • Lemon Curd

      2.00 per scoop

      This delicious ice cream is made with the dairies own freshly made lemon curd.

    • Morello cherry ripple

      2.00 per scoop

      Morello cherries are combined with clotted cream ice cream to create a sumptuous, fruity, sweet and creamy ice cream.

    • Salted caramel

      2.00 per scoop

      Double cream and sumptuous caramel combine with Maldon sea salt to create this truly indulgent flavour

    • Strawberry

      2.00 per scoop

      Real local strawberries and the best naturally sweet flavours combine perfectly with the fresh double cream in this ice cream.

    • Vanilla

      2.00 per scoop

      A real dairy ice cream made with milk, cream, egg yolks and Madagascan vanilla.