The Golden Lion Cheese Board


A selection of some of our country’s finest cheeses
1 Piece of each cheese served with artisan crackers, grapes saffron pickled fennel, honey seed mix, whipped butter In order that you receive your cheese in peak condition please order with your starters to allow the cheese to breath and reach room temperature.

Hampshire cheese’s, Basingstoke This unpasteurised cheese is hand made in a converted cowshed on a family run farm using special cultures and traditional rennet. They have developed a cheese with a creamy texture, wrinkled rind and unique taste.

Isle of Wight blue
Isle of Wight cheese co. Handmade Isle of Wight blue is a naturally rinded soft blue cheese that is made with Guernsey cow’s milk from the herd that graze the Queen Bower Dairy. Winner of multiple awards this is for the cheese lovers.

Lyburn old Winchester
Lyburn cheeses, Salisbury This mature cheese has an element of creaminess to it and a subtle nuttiness in flavour with a little crunch closer to the rind. Matured for 9 months this really is a world class cheese.

Goats brie, Beau farm, Hampshire
This beautifully bloomy rind with a delicate buttery texture hidden inside. Palate taste is mild and creamy but as it naturally matures so does the flavours intensify., leaving the mouth pallet lightly content with mature creamy texture.

Beau Gouda, Beau Farm, Hampshire
A young Gouda with a mild, smooth flavour, than can be compared to a caramel, toffee like taste. As it matures, it develops the richness of flavour and cheese crystals creating a unique texture